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As a country and a district, we’ve got some big challenges in front of us. We need to work together to fix broken supply chains, work to lower gas prices, bring back manufacturing jobs, and support labor. Together, we’ll outcompete China, support our farmers, protect Social Security, and defend our rights.

This campaign is committed to putting policy over politics to get things done for Ohio’s 7th district.


Working families are bearing the brunt of globally high gas prices, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and stagnating wages. Learn about Matt’s plan to get back to basics and support American families.

Abortion & Protecting Women's access to healthcare

The recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs left to legislatures a woman’s universal right to bodily autonomy , access to healthcare, and access to abortion. With other decisions on the horizon likely ending access to contraceptive care and marriage equality, Matt plans to fight back in Congress.

Out competing China

Having studied in China, Matt has seen first hand the unfair playing field that American manufacturers are put up against with China’s unfair competitive advantages. Read Matt’s plan for out competing China and bringing manufacturing back to America.

Protecting our communities

From ensuring safe schools, safe communities, and keeping police on the street, learn about Matt’s plan for protecting our towns and supporting those who keep our families safe.

Preserving Social Security

My opponent is endorsed by an organization that wants to end Social Security as we know it by creating a giveaway to Wall Street. In Congress Matt will fight to protect this vital program that has been a lifeline for American families for eight decades.

fighting for labor

My opponent as a former Trump Administration aide, worked for an administration that was actively hostile to labor. In Congress, I’ll defend workers right to organize and work to support labor both in Ohio and beyond.

Standing By Educators and Fighting for Kids future

Between threats of violence against our schools, the COVID-19 pandemic, and threats to defund public education, learn how Matt plans to tackle these problems and work to create stronger schools in Ohio’s 7th District.

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