Social Security & Supporting our Seniors

Preserve and defend this important program for generations to come.

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Policy Summary

  • Ensure people can retire in dignity
  • Oppose any and all privatization efforts
  • Protect pensions
  • Expand Medicare

My opponent is not only endorsed by Club for Growth, he also took over $76,000 of their dollars to fund his campaign. This means that if my opponent is victorious, he’ll spend the next two years fighting to turn Social Security into a giveaway for Wall Street.

Defending the institution of Social Security and preventing a giveaway to Wall Street is a top priority of mine. Social Security has provided a blanket of protection for working people, ensuring they can retire in dignity and be self-sufficient in their golden years. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with their own trust fund. Social Security is the trust fund of the American people.

Ensure People Can Retire in Dignity

Social Security is one piece of the puzzle in ensuring that America’s seniors can have dignity in retirement. By reducing the cost of senior living, enacting policy that helps promote new construction of senior living facilities, reducing the costs of prescription drugs, and capping the cost of insulin, we can give back to seniors and make America not just a great place to live, but a great place to retire too.

Oppose any Privatization Efforts

After two market crashes in 12 years, it should be evident what chaining Social Security to the stock market would mean. I oppose any effort to privatize America’s social safety net.

Protect Pensions

Folks who worked their entire lives to earn the promise of a comfortable retirement nearly had it ripped out from under them due to the global pandemic. The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Special Financial Assistance Program will protect the pensions of as many as 3 million workers, further ensuring dignity in retirement and fulfilling America’s contract with workers. I support this measure and will support additional actions to ensure that pension plans are solvent both now and in the future. 

Expand Medicare

Dental and vision are a part of healthcare. It should be covered by Medicare. I support expanding this coverage to our seniors to ensure access to this critical form of care.

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