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Policy Summary

  • Support funding for public education
  • Restore trade and vocational courses back to public schools
  • Ensure every school is a safe environment
  • Ensure dignity in all work, both trades and higher education

A vibrant and robust public education system is the backbone of every free society. We must ensure our schools are well funded, safe, staffed, and able to provide opportunities to ensure that we’re giving the next generation of Americans the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Defending Public Education from Privatization

Public education is under attack as politicians at all levels of government work to defund our school systems. I believe that quality public education is the right of every American child, and in Washington, I’ll fight to preserve, enhance, and support our public education sector and its employees.

Restore Trade and Vocational Courses to Public Schools

A great-paying job in the trades is an excellent path after high school. By helping local districts enhance and rebuild their trade programs and through working to build partnerships with local companies and unions, a high school diploma could be the ticket to a great-paying job in the trades for our graduates. 

Ensure Every School Is A Safe Environment

A safe environment for learning and teaching secures the promise of the next generation’s success. Therefore, I pledge to work with everyone, from teachers to the Department of Education, to ensure Congress is providing the resources needed to get schools and districts what they need to protect their students and staff. While additionally pushing for common-sense reforms to keep criminals who would harm our communities away from firearms.

Ensure Dignity In All Work, Both Trades and Higher Education

Whether it’s SpaceX or another company, businesses of the future need tradespeople as much as they need rocket scientists. By focusing on developing students’ skills and providing opportunities to try different career paths, we can build the workforce, thinkers, and innovators of the future. I’ll work to develop and strengthen partnerships with schools and the trades to ensure we’re giving our students a path to good-paying jobs after graduating. At the same time, I’ll work to ensure our teachers have the resources they need to be effective educators of all students, regardless of whether college is in their future.

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