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Defending unions and working people from those who have a history of busting them.

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Policy Summary

  • Pass the PRO Act, the CHIPS Act, and stand up for labor rights
  • Take steps to onshore manufacturing and support innovation
  • Oppose so-called “Right to Work” legislation
  • Fight for a livable minimum wage, and to protect prevailing wage laws
  • Support public education and job training for workers

My opponent called Donald Trump the “greatest president of our lifetime” and worked for his extremely anti-union administration.

Organized labor is the greatest tool working people have for ensuring fair pay, safe working conditions, and dignity of work. In Congress, I’ll fight to keep working people at the bargaining table, protect and expand the rights of unions and their members, and use my experience from my time living in China to bring back the jobs and manufacturing we’ve lost to foreign shores. All while working to protect our public education system, expand access to job training, and ensure that every American has access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs.

Pass the PRO Act, the CHIPS Act, and Stand Up for Labor Rights

For decades, workers have fought tooth and nail for wages, basic protections, and a seat at the table. The House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act in March mostly along party lines, with all but one Democrat voting for it and all but five Republicans voting against it. With this critical legislation stalled in the Senate, know Congress, I’ll be a fighter for those workers fighting for their livelihoods day in and day out against an onslaught of attacks and misinformation seeking to bust unions.

Additionally, with the CHIPS Act stalled, we need to ensure that we’re not wasting time on stupid partisan fights when good-paying jobs and the restoration of American manufacturing hangs in the balance. Doing what’s right for the American people shouldn’t be this hard, and when elected, I’ll work with anyone of whatever party to do whatever we can to bring these jobs home.

Take Steps to Onshore Manufacturing and Support Innovation

In Ohio, we build things. Growing up here, I remember seeing firsthand the dignity of work living beside the steel plant. Watching my dad coming home, I learned what a hard day’s work was. We need to turn hard work into skills, skills into careers, and careers into generational family & community stability. That means investments in diversifying our energy supplies and hardening our grid against future threats, building domestic supply chains, and paying living wages while doing it.

America’s innovation and innovators have always been the backbone of our economy and exceptionalism. However, the fierce competition from China and other countries is making America less competitive. With the right people in Congress, I know America, and especially Ohio, can be home to the innovation and builders of the future.

Oppose “So-Called” Right to Work Legislation

“Right to work” is a lie. Period. Like most myths spun by these union-busting organizations, “right to work” weakens unions, threatens working people’s rights, and reduces workers’ pay and benefits. In Congress, I’ll oppose any and all right to work legislation.

Fight for a Livable Minimum Wage and Protect Prevailing Wage Laws

The minimum wage needs to be a livable wage. If you put in 40 hours a week with no overtime at minimum wage, that should be enough to support you. Additionally, we must protect workers’ wages by supporting prevailing wage laws and project labor agreements.

Support Public Education and Job Training for Workers

Every child in Ohio deserves an A+ education in a great school with great teachers. Our public education system is under attack. From misinformation about the curriculum to the push for privatization via charters and vouchers, we need to protect our community institutions and ensure we’re listening to the educators to solve their problems as they’re the front line for our kids’ future.

We must put trade and vocational courses back into high schools and create relationships with companies and students to promote internships and apprenticeships in the trades and skilled labor. I’ll support free training schools to make American workers the easy choice for companies looking to relocate and work to put respect and dignity in all work.

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