Statement on Roe V. Wade Decision

Jun 27, 2022

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June 27, 2022
Contact: Matthew Diemer

Rocky River, OH– Just as we feared, the Supreme Court has rolled back over half a century of women’s rights. Five unelected mostly male justices have stripped over 168 million American women of their fundamental rights to body autonomy.  

This was surgically engineered over the past half century. Supreme Court Justices were appointed right before the election to seal Roe’s fate. 

Ohio will likely try to revive legislation that bans almost all abortions as soon as possible. The most recent bill does not have exceptions for rape or incest, and would deny Ohio women the ability to terminate a pregnancy that could threaten their life. 

We can’t let this law take effect. A woman’s right to choose is between her and her doctor. Male lawmakers have no role in that private decision.

We have no choice but to battle against these attacks on women’s rights. 

In Congress, my first priority will be codifying abortion protections at the federal level. All Ohio women should be able to make their own personal decisions about their reproductive health.

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