My Journey And Family

I was born and raised in Cleveland to working-class parents who taught my siblings and me faith, perseverance, and commitment. My dad worked in steel forging jobs and rode a bicycle to work, even in the winter, because our family had one car and it was best to keep it with my mom and us kids.

I was able to work my way to a political science degree at the University of Hawaii. During my undergraduate studies, I received a scholarship to China to study the Chinese language. I became an expert in Chinese reading, writing, and speaking and eventually moved to Taiwan with a full scholarship to study for an MBA. While doing so, I launched a successful international career in China and Taiwan and wrote a book.

In 2022, my team and I launched our first campaign for this seat. From the start, we were underrated, facing an expected red wave in a district already gerrymandered to lean Republican. However, with the coalition we built with grassroots Democratic clubs, citizens groups, and people all over Ohio’s Seventh District, we exceeded expectations. We won the Cuyahoga County portion of this district, and pulled off one of the best-performing congressional races for this district in the past decade.

Even though I lost the race, I refused to sit at home and withdraw. On the contrary, I went out and ensured I was helping in any way I could to advance Democratic ideals within our district. I worked with the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party to start a YouTube channel and podcast, volunteering my time and expertise to produce them. I then worked hard to collect signatures, speak with constituents, deliver signs, and stand at polling locations to advocate for abortion rights on the November ballot.

Though I am a proud Democrat, I do not believe the party should come before enacting the best policies for the people. While I am passionate about issues such as healthcare, funding infrastructure, and allowing people to make decisions about their own bodies, I also hold conservative views on controlling the budget. And most importantly, I understand that dialogue with people with whom I disagree is the only way to find common ground and get things done for the American people.

That is the type of moderation I embrace – finding common ground and acting on it, even if my own party disagrees for political reasons. Making Congress Work Again is about finding this voice in Washington, D.C., a place full of super PAC money, lobbyists, insider stock trading, and policies that directly counter the interests and desires of the American people. It’s about not going quietly about my business day-to-day, wishing bad things didn’t happen. It’s about standing up for a better America, the America that we all know can exist if people’s voices are heard and Congress actually acts with the American people in mind. Congress is broken. And the only way to make it work again is to elect better voices who will challenge everyone in Washington, D.C., to Make Congress Work Again!

Make Congress Work Again

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