My Journey And Family

I was born in Cleveland and raised by my mother, Rhonda, and adopted father, Andrew. My two siblings (Monty & Michaela) and I grew up poor as our parents worked hard to make ends meet, teaching us of faith, perseverance, and commitment. My dad worked in steel forging jobs and rode a bicycle to work, even in the winter, because our family had one car and it was best to keep it with my mom and us kids.

I went to the University of Hawaii and graduated dean’s list with a degree in political science. During my undergraduate studies I received a scholarship to study the Chinese language. I became an expert in Chinese reading, writing, and speaking. While in China I worked leading big teams of hundreds of employees from dozens of countries. I moved on from China to Taiwan with a full scholarship to study my MBA.

While studying for my MBA I started a small business, wrote a book, eventually moved back to Cuyahoga County where I am still a small business owner.


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